Due to the recent focus on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to take the opportunity to set out the Company’s position on the various issues that may arise.

We appreciate that the situation has been developing quickly so we have included some information below that we hope will answer some questions that you may have regarding RED’s contingency plans.


  • All staff have been issued hygiene and self-isolation guidelines in-line with current government recommendations.

  • RED are already very proactive with homeworking practices and staff are being encouraged to work from home if their situation permits.

  • The company has existing video conferencing technology in place to help communication – this is available to all employees. This has now been made the preferred method of communication during this period.

  • All non-essential travel has been suspended although we will still ensure that client/customer relationships are maintained effectively during this difficult period.

  • We ask that suppliers do not call at our offices without an appointment, and if an appointment has previously been scheduled, please phone ahead to check current arrangements. We trust this is entirely understandable given the current situation.


We are monitoring any developments to the situation and will provide updates where necessary.


For high level updates on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we refer you to the following websites:

World Health Organisation

UK Government Guidance

our suppliers